Asbestos Disposal Brisbane Locations

Asbestos Disposal Brisbane Locations

The issue of asbestos has been a matter of concern by the Australian government and in deed the general Australian public. This is due to the health implications brought about as a result of exposure to asbestos. These include coughing, shortness of breath, and lung cancer.

This article seeks to explain what asbestos is and how one can identify it. In addition to that, it seeks to give a guide on the most effective ways of Asbestos removals Brisbane. Lastly, the article will inform the reader on the safe and professional ways of asbestos removal.

About Asbestos

Asbestos is a group of six naturally occurring silicate materials. It is one of the most versatile minerals. The following are some characteristics of asbestos:

  1. Tensile strength
  2. Chemical inertness
  3. Flexibility
  4. Affordability
  5. Insulation from heat and electricity

In the earlier times, asbestos was generally considered as a wonder mineral that had limitless usage. The Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency says that one third of Australian homes do have asbestos products.

In fact, just before the mid-1980s, Australia was one of the highest consumer of asbestos per capita in the world. Older homes are still dominated by asbestos products.

The then popularity of asbestos was due to the durability and cost-effectiveness of using asbestos as a building material. Consequently, the rampant asbestos use left a deadly legacy on the Australian society.

If left untouched, asbestos poses a minimal or no health risk. However, when disturbed, it may produce a dust containing asbestos fibers. And that is the beginning of a string of health problems.


How to Identify Asbestos

Some websites contain detailed information on how to carry out a visual asbestos inspection. However, a human visual judgement can be limiting and in some cases out-rightly wrong. According to Asbestos Wise- an asbestos’ information and support agency, it is difficult to identify asbestos by merely looking at it.

However, there is all the likelihood that certain buildings that were constructed before the mid-1980s contain asbestos. Asbestos can be located in air conditioning, carpet underlay, ceilings, closets, electrical backing boards, fire doors, floors, and fiber cement sheet.

The most certain way of identifying asbestos is through carrying out a laboratory analysis. The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) provides accredited laboratory analysis. You can also find a range of local companies who handle asbestos testing in your area by using

In addition to that, detailed information on the use of asbestos can be found by perusing through its website The Brisbane City Council offers comprehensive information and services to residents of the city and surrounding areas.

Asbestos Removal

Removal requires high levels of safety measures in handling and transportation of the material. Normally, this requires professional trained and licensed personnel to be involved in the removal of asbestos.

There are two main types of asbestos removal, unrestricted and restricted. An Unrestricted Asbestos Removal License is where a licensed professional as well as his or her staff remove all types of asbestos(friable and non friable).

The removal of asbestos in Australia is regulated by the Department of Public Health through the local government environment officers.

In addition to that, asbestos removal companies as well as asbestos experts are highly regulated by the government. This is because mistakes in the removal of asbestos can lead to grave health consequences.

In this regard, cities in Australia have laid a framework for safe removal and disposal of asbestos. Brisbane is no exception. The city discourages homeowners to remove asbestos on their own.

This is because such a thing threatens the health of the person removing the asbestos as well as the family and neighbors. It is always best to contact a fully trained and licensed asbestos contractor.

If you have questions or would like to speak with a trained asbestos removal professional you can contact our team from iAsbestos Removal Brisbane who can offer unbiased advice and recommendations as to how to handle the threat on your property.

Asbestos Disposal

Asbestos disposal in Brisbane is under the jurisdiction of the local councils. One of the most important things to note is that asbestos falls under the category of “regulated waste.”

Consequently, certain requirements must be met in asbestos disposal. It should be noted that if certain requirements are not met, the council may refuse to accept asbestos disposal.

Asbestos Disposal Locations

Asbestos Disposal Locations Brisbane

The government of Queensland has prepared the following list of requirements depending on individual councils:
1. Banana Regional Council- Can accept commercial asbestos prior to notification.
-The transporter must be an approved creditor in the council system
2. Barcaldine Regional Council- Please contact the council for the requirements.
3. Boulia Shire Council- Please contact the council for the requirements.
4. Brisbane City Council – Only accepts approved transporters.
5. Bulloo Share Council – Please contact the council for further information.
6. Bunderberg Regional Council- Charges $ 72 for waste that comes from withing.
– Charges $ 150 for waste that comes from outside the region.
7. Burke Shire Council — Please contact the council for further information.
8. Burdekin Shire Council – Fees available from the website.
9. Cairns Regional Council – Accepts both domestic and commercial waste.
10. Cassowary Coast Regional Council- Accepts both commercial and domestic asbestos.
– Accepted at Stoters Hill Waste Facility, Innisfail, Quarry Road
11. Central Highlands Regional Council – Accepts both domestic and commercial asbestos.
-Accepted at Lochlees Landfill,
-Charges $ 250 per tonne, minimum fee is $ 50.
12. Charters Towers Regional Council – Accepted at Stubley Street Landfill Site
-Both commercial and domestic asbestos accepted.
-Requires notification prior to disposal.
– Charges $ 27 per tonne.
13 Cook Shire Council- Requires careful disposal of waste.
14. Croydon Shire Council – Please contact the council for further information.
15. Diamantina Shire Council – Please contact the council for further information.
16. Etherridge Share Council- Please contact the council for further information.
17. Fraser Coast Region Council – Accepted at Maryborough Landfill, Maryborough, Saltwater Creek Rd.
18. Gladstone Regional Council- Requires special burial application.
19. Gold Coast City Council- Asbestos acceptance subject to handling requirements.
20. Goondiwindi Regional Council -Asbestos should be wrapped and labelled.
21. Gympie Regional Council- Commercial and domestic waste accepted by appointment.
-Commercial asbestos requires waste tracking.
22. Hinchinbrook Shire Council – Accepted at Warrens Hill Waste Management Facility, Ingham, Warrens Hill Road.
23. Ipswich City Council- Accepts commercial waste only
24. Isaac Regional Council- Requires a licensed regulated waste transporter and waste tracking certificate.
25. Lockyer Valley Regional Council -Accepted at Gratton Landfill, Fords Road, Adare, and Corner Adare.
26. Logan City Council – Accepts both commercial and domestic asbestos waste.
27. MacKay Regional Council – Asbestos waste accepted at Hogan’s Pocket Landfill.
28. Maranoa Regional Council – Asbestos accepted at Roma landfill only
29. Moreton Bay Regional Council- Accepts limited quantities.
30. Mt. Isa City Council – Asbestos accepted by appointment only.
31. Murweh Shire Council- Please contact the council for further information
32. North Burnett Regional Council- Please contact the council for further information.
33. Paroo Shire Council- Please contact the council for further information.
34. Quilpie Shire Council – Accepts asbestos only from within.
35. Redland City Council- Asbestos accepted at Birkdale transfer station.
36. Richmond Shire Council- Please contact the council for further information.
37. Rockhampton Regional Council- Charges $ 260 per tonne
-May be inaccessible during the wet weather.
38. Scenic Rim Regional Council- charges $ 117 per tonne
39. Somerset Regional Council- Accepts domestic waste only.
40. South Burnett Regional Council- Requires 24 hours notice.
41. Southern Downs Regional Council- Accepts both domestic and commercial asbestos.
42. Sunshine Coast Regional Council- Accepting asbestos prone application and approval.
43. Tableland Regional Council- Please contact the council for further information.
44. Toowoomba Regional Council- Requires waste tracking documentation.
45. Torres Shire Council- Please contact the council for further information.
46. Torres Strait Island regional Council- Please contact the council for further information.
47. Townsville City Council- Acceptance of domestic or commercial asbestos depends on specific sites.
48. Western Downs Regional Council- Takes minor quantities only and by appointment.
49. Winton Shire Council- Please contact the council for further information.
50. Whitsunday Regional Council- Accepts both commercial and domestic quantities.
Having said that, the following is a list of waste facilities in Queensland:
1. New Chum, Landfill, Transpacific, Chum Street, New, Chum
2. Veolia Environmental Sciences Wattleglen Landfill, Redbank Plainsroad, Blacksoil
3. Lantrak Waste Management & Recycling Facility 1 Memorial Drive, Swanback




The fact that Australia heavily used asbestos in the building industry prior to mid-1980s continues to pose a health danger to the present day.

Having said that, it is the responsibility of government agencies, the building industry, asbestos removal and disposal companies to ensure that the issues related to asbestos are safely addressed.

Seeking the services of professional asbestos company is of paramount importance in identification, removal, and disposal of asbestos.

Overall, a dedicated response to the issues arising as a result of asbestos will ensure that Australia becomes safe from the effects of asbestos in the long run.

If you would like free advice or you have concerns about asbestos being on your property then call our team today.