Why Use a Professional Asbestos Removal Company?

Advantages of Hiring The Experts

Professional Asbestos Removalist

Only licensed companies are approved to remove asbestos material according to the Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency. Asbestos is toxic. This material is an invisible enemy to your naked eyes. The government only allows certified professional asbestos removal companies to deal with asbestos.

Areas smaller than 10 meters do not need specialists. However, you should always consider using an asbestos removalist.

Our friends from Asbestos Removal Adelaide have enumerated the reasons why you need a professional asbestos removal company.

1. Expertise

They have the relevant skills and knowledge. When it comes to dealing with asbestos, it’s not a matter of trial and error. A simple mistake can lead to disastrous asbestos exposure. Before certification, the asbestos removal company personnel undergo rigorous training on how to deal with ACM. All the staff must also possess the right papers from the relevant institutions to prove their expertise.

2. The right equipment

An asbestos removal company has all the necessary tools and manpower. Considering the asbestos high-risk state, it’s good to have the proper equipment not only during the removal process but also in the cleaning process.

This is because asbestos fibre and dust will remain in the air if you don’t use proper equipment to clean. You probably don’t have the skills and the equipment to do this work. Thus, contracting an authorized company is the ultimate way to get rid of asbestos without risking.

3. Proper handling process

Australian government do not allow dumping  of asbestos waste with normal waste. Professional asbestos removal companies are accredited to transport and dump asbestos waste. They also have access to the authorised disposal facilities. As an individual, you don’t have these privileges. Therefore, going the DIY path may put you in wrangles with the law. If you hire a company, you don’t have to worry about dumping the waste. Unless you’re okay with being stressed about that.

Professionals Follow Safe Work Practices

4. Full responsibility

Certified companies take full responsibility over the entire process. You don’t have to get involved anywhere until the process is complete. They will do everything without involving you until your place is safe again.

They come with their equipment and will dispose of the waste properly. Stay out of the area until all the work is complete. This minimizes your chances of exposure.

5. Support

The process doesn’t end with cleaning and disposing of the asbestos waste. The company you engage will offer you expert advice on how to stay in the area. They’ll also advise you on proper cleaning measures. All these help in minimizing your vulnerability.

Remember asbestos-related illnesses do not have a cure. You need every available advice and support to avoid asbestos exposure.


When it comes to asbestos removal, DIY methods aren’t the best approach. You’re likely going to expose yourself. The dangers of asbestos cannot be underestimated. You need every available assistance to make sure you and the entire neighbourhood is safe. As mentioned earlier, a small blunder can cause massive damage. Thus, asbestos removal isn’t all about you.

When undisturbed, asbestos remains harmless. So, if you can’t afford a professional asbestos removal company, you would rather let it stay untouched. That way, everyone remains safe. Otherwise, attempting to do it yourself is both illegal and dangerous. If you need these services, you can look for certified companies in yellow pages. Also, you may want to verify the validity of the staff badges. Don’t take chances with asbestos.